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for many good games - and also for some bad - expansoins are available. Until now, no expansion exsists for "Euphrates & Tigris", the winner of the Award "Deutscher Spielepreis 1998". The time without an expansion is now over, as we present - in coordination with the Hans-im-Gleuck Publishing - the artist expansion.

This expansion introduces a fifth color: yellow. This color only have a few tiles, but building monuments is relatively easy. Consequently, conflicts arise to get control of the yellow monuments. Gone are the times, in which each player could start by creating his or her kingdom. Gone are also the time, where enough space is available in a two-player game: the yellow monuments define the center of actions.

You can print the rules directly form your browser. The pictures are provided in a ZIP-File. It contains three files:

We strongly recommend to glue the pics onto carton. Then the artist counters are close to the original tiles and can no longer detected by touching the tile in the bag.

Have fun,

Wolfgang und Brigitte